Sunday, 9 November 2014

Seasides & Spas

Over the weekend I was delighted to get the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Yeats Country Hotel in Rosses Point. I'd heard positive reviews about it but had never stayed there so I was excited to experience it for myself.

The hotel is in a great location, a stone's throw from the beach and only a 10 minute drive from Sligo town - so we didn't have too far to travel. First on our schedule - after we dumped our stuff in the room which was spacious (we didn't have to share a bed much to my mother's delight because I'm a nightmare to sleep with apparently) and had a beautiful sea view  - was an afternoon of pampering at the spa. 

The first thing that struck me about Eros Spa was the inviting decor and the wonderful aroma that accompanied it. The spa is all warm lighting and rich red walls. We were promptly greeted by the delightful staff and given fluffy bathrobes and slippers to wear. First on the agenda was a clay mask application. The lovely ladies set about with the arduous task of taking off my makeup and smoothing our faces with a gloriously cooling clay mask to detoxify our skin while we bathed.

As I haven't had a seaweed bath in years, mum let me try the seaweed bath while she chose the botanical bath. Our baths were in a double bath room which held a shower and the baths - perfect for a couple or mother/daughter pampering. Thankfully we were allowed to keep our swimsuits on - no one needs to see that ;-)

I was a bit tentative stepping into the bath; if you've never had a seaweed bath before they don't look very appealing - the water is brown and you step onto slimy slippery seaweed - but they feel incredible. Beside our baths was a jug full of water and a glass of juice which I thought was a lovely touch as seaweed baths can be dehydrating because of their duration. I relaxed and let my worries melt away for 45 minutes and made sure to rub the seaweed over my body (oo-er) so that the goodness of the oils really got into my skin.

When our time was up (and at this point mum had fallen asleep in her bath, it was that relaxing!) we were led to another treatment room where we both had a facial. I absolutely love getting facials and this one was the best I've ever had. There's nothing like getting a lavender scented hot towel placed over your face while getting your arms and hands massaged - bliss. 

Straight after our facial we were turned over (and I managed not to flash anyone like last time...) for our back massage. I've never had a proper back massage before so I was a bit apprehensive - I felt a bit vulnerable lying on my front butt naked - but my masseuse, Denise, was more than happy to explain it to me and made sure the pressure she was using was okay so I really felt at ease. When we were finished I was so relaxed I was struggling not to fall asleep - especially when we got to the relaxation suite (again, with a sea and mountain view!) and were presented with tea, fruit and melted chocolate! The service was second to none. It was definitely the best spa I've been to so far, usually I feel intimidated at spas but I felt relaxed and comfortable at this one - exactly how a spa trip should be. Thanks again to Denise and all the lovely staff at Eros Spa - it's a gem and I'll definitely be going back.

After all that hard work getting pampered we headed back up to the room to chill out for a bit before heading for dinner in the hotel's Elsinore Restaurant. We got a four course meal which I struggled with, as someone who usually only eats one course when I go out for dinner. To start I chose soup and mum got the chicken wings which were delicious. For my main I got steak which was one of the best steaks I've ever had - the staff again were lovely and endeavoured to any of our requests (I showed mum up by asking for chips). For dessert I chose a banana split and mum got the chef's sweet plate - both were very nicely presented. Overall I thought the food was tasty and portions were plentiful.

We headed into town for a few drinks after our dinner and the staff were helpful and ordered us a taxi - a nice touch. We heard music coming from the bar so I assume the hotel also offers evening entertainment for guests. When we got back we fell almost instantly to sleep. The hotel was quiet and the beds were very comfortable - both things are essential to me for a good night's sleep. 

Breakfast the next morning was extremely busy. We did have to wait about 15 minutes for a table which was a bit disappointing but it's a good sign to see plenty of people enjoying the breakfast. There were the usual cereals, fruit, yoghurt and bread as well as a self-service buffet for full Irish breakfast items. Again, food was fresh and plentiful. The only thing I would say is there's not a huge selection of breakfast items if you don't like cooked breakfasts.

Overall it was a lovely getaway and we were sad to leave - we truly felt like we'd been on a mini holiday. If you're looking for a nice relaxing short break I'd recommend the hotel especially for families and elderly couples. Thanks again to Tara for a great weekend and to all the staff at Yeats Country Hotel.

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