Saturday, 24 December 2016

Something To Smile About: Festive Edition

Ahh, Christmas. A time of happiness, love and seriously worrying about whether or not your favourite trousers will still fit you by the time St. Stephen's Day rolls around. This is my first year not living at home for Christmas, but I've come back to stay for a week or so and spend time with my beloved family - who have just moved into a new house which is the best Christmas present ever. Apart from me coming home with all my washing, obv. ;-)

Seeing as there are a lot of happy moments to be had at Christmas, I thought I'd do a quick blog post about the things this week that've made me feel all warm and cozy inside.

1. Driving home for Christmas (I sound like Chris Rea) with Laurence and being so excited to see all my family. Ringing the doorbell of the new cozy house and being reunited was such a lovely feeling.

2. Mine and Laurence's first Christmas whilst living together. We put on Christmas music, wrapped our presents, had a bottle of wine and danced around the kitchen while preparing our pre-Christmas dinner, and finished the night by watching Elf. What could be more Christmassy?

3. Lunch and a gossip with my mum. We headed to the Gourmet Parlour in Collooney (which I've never been to) and I was over the moon to see they had loads of vegetarian options, and they all sounded amazing! I went for a good old jacket potato with cheese, and my mum got a spinach and mushroom pie. The food was gorgeous, especially the Asian noodle salad served with the pie which I just have to know how to make. Drool.

After our catch up we collected the gateaux and cupcakes mum won from Mc G's Cakes. They are absolutely beautifully made and taste as good as they look!

4. Finally getting my Christmas shopping finished. Laurence and I headed into Athlone town centre to tackle the shops on Thursday. We started bright and early with a McDonald's breakfast (sometimes it has to be done), and I mentally put on my warpaint to brave the crowds. When we initially went into Golden Island shopping centre it was surprisingly quiet, but it only got worse as the day progressed. I ended up almost having a nervous breakdown in the middle of Argos because a) it was like the zombie apocalypse with people everywhere, and b) both of my present ideas for Laurence ended up being sold out so I had to resort to something less exciting. I also spent about an hour in Penneys and got myself a few nice bits - because if you can't treat yo'self at Christmas when can you?

In the middle of dashing around trying to get gifts for everyone I started getting extremely overheated. I was wearing a top that was bodysuit style so it had poppers on the, erm, lower area. Now apparently when I was born I had a very long torso which means bodysuits are pretty much impossible to wear. I had to do a sort of contortionist/gymnast move to try and do the damn thing up, and when I finally did I got out of the car and it popped open, meaning I spent my entire shopping trip with this stupid bodysuit top wedged up my arse. That's pretty much my life in a nutshell.

Anyway, I ended up feeling so faint Laurence brought me over to the fridge section of Tesco (romantic) and told me to "pretend to reach for a hummus" so I could put my hands on something cold. We eventually made our escape and headed to Insomnia for a nice relaxing drink, and breathed a sigh of relief.

5. It's Christmas! What else can I say?!

Feel free to let me know what made you smile this week - I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year. 

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